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Does your business need to reduce paper-based documents & file cabinet storage? How about controlling document security or controlling the printing of color documents? Are you contending with challenging document compliance laws? Do you need to collaborate more effectively with remote workers?

A properly designed integrated document management solution can do it all. Paper documents are routed into an efficient digital workflow, helping you cost effectively store, find and share documents.

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Managing Information is an Ongoing Challenge

Managing information – and finding what you need when you need it – is one of the biggest challenges facing business owners today. Premiere designs Document Management Solutions that capture, store and track documents so you can protect your data and locate it instantly. We start by asking the right questions to understand your specific information management concerns. Then our experienced specialists explain your options and guide you in choosing the solution that will help keep your documents organized, secure and accessible to those who need them.

Benefits of Document Management Workflows and Systems

Putting the right document management solution in place will transform the way your business operates, especially in a work from home or a remote work environment. Document imaging can provide a wide range of benefits, including:

Reduced Storage Space

A document management process reduces the need for filing cabinets, boxes and storage space.

Easier Retrieval

Save time by searching for documents by word, phrase, full text or index category. Document management systems can also be integrated with other business applications, allowing users to search across the full spectrum of documents and data.

Enhanced Security and Ownership

Custom workflows can result in better control over a company’s documents.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Company documents are scanned directly onto a server or into the cloud. IT teams can then more easily back up this data.

More Collaboration

Document management systems make information sharing and collaboration more centralized, which can save time and lead to greater productivity. This is especially true for remote staff.

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